Cavalier Oasis

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Welcome To the Home of Cavalier Oasis

Welcome to our Cavalier Oasis. We started raising Cavaliers many years ago so I will start from the beginning. Our friend introduced us to the Cavalier breed and we were head over heels in love with them. At that time they were hard to find and very pricey. We started with 3 females and a male. We had never known this kind of love from a dog before so we wanted to share them with the world. We decided to raise them so others could get to know that joy and companionship. I believe they are angels here on this earth. I realized that I loved having babies around, I quit my full time job so I could devote that time to raising good quality, healthy, happy puppies. I loved making buyers happy with my pups. I then fell in love with the Dachshunds, their big personalities and quirkiness.   I only have a few of each breed. I have given the last 20+ years devoting to raising the healthiest, good genetics, socialized and conformation of the breed standards.

We take pride in offering you a happy, healthy puppy!!!!!!!! 

Think before you buy, a puppy is a lifetime commitment

This spot dedicated to our beloved Keasha a Pomeranian.  My husband had a terrible accident in May of 2010.  Had numerous broken bones in body and neck broken in 2 places. Multiple surgeries and a long recovery.  Keasha laid by his side in the hospital bed and all during recovery.  She was his buddy. So kind and gentle, never hurting him.  She was his companion that never was far from his side.  In 2012, Jerry developed colon cancer  and Keasha was by his side through the days of the sickening chemo. In Nov. of  2015 we had to put our beloved Keasha to sleep. Our heart will always hurt for her.  It is always hard to say good bye to a furry family member. To this day in May of 2016 Jerry is still continuing chemo but doing well.  He also has prostate cancer.  His body has taken a big hit, he suffers everyday from his accident injuries.  I am so thankful that he had Keasha by his side when he needed someone the most.  She gave the unconditional love that most dogs give  We will forever love  and miss you Keasha..... updated, My husband passed away on Feb. 22 2020....